Bridal Package

What is Pre Bridal treatment?

As a bride, every girl always dreams of looking gorgeous on her wedding day. We at Derma Touch help you make that dream come true.
Our customized Pre bridal treatments are crafted by Dr Ashwini after your consultation to make you look best on your wedding day and even beyond. Pre bridal services are designed according to your wish and days remaining for your wedding date. We should plan for the treatment at least 3 to 6 months in advance.

What is included in pre bridal package?

Laser hair removal to take care of of unwanted hair specially underarms and bikini area.
Skin polishing to take care of White heads, black heads, uneven skin tone of complete body.
Laser bleach of face, chest, back, hands and legs.
Chemical peel to improve skin texture and take care of pimples and uneven skin tone.
Vampire facial for rejuvenated face.
Botox treatment for Eyebrow shaping
Filler treatment for dark circles, sagging face, etc
Hair treatment for healthy hair it includes nutritional suppliments, Mesotherapy and PRP, etc.