What is HIFU?

HIFU is a highly precise medical procedure that delivers high-intensity focused ultrasound(HIFU) energy to the deeper layers of the skin without damage to the skin surface.

How does it work?

HIFU targets the subcutaneous layer &the superficial muscular layer heating it at multiple depths. Which shrinks these layers leading to collagen remodeling that contributes lifting effect.

What are uses of it?

• Face and Jowl Lifting,
• Nasolabial Tightening,
• Face Tightening & Contouring ,
• Double Chin Reduction,
• Neck and Face Wrinkles,
• Under Eye bags and Wrinkles,
• Body Contouring (Flanks, Abdomen, Saddles, Inner Thighs, Arms etc.)

How is the procedure like?

Topical anesthesia cream is applied 40min prior to procedure, then marking is done on area to be treated, dosage is planned and then the decide dose of ultrasound is delivered on the skin with the probe.

How much time does it take for 1 procedure?

It will take around 30 to 45 minutes for full face

How many sessions are required?

3 sessions are required. Once in 3 to 4 Months.

Post procedure care?

• Do not expose treated zone to high temperature such as saunas and steam rooms.
• Redness after the treatment will disappear within an hour.
• After the treatment, Make sure to apply sunblock cream (SPF 50) for outdoor activity.
• You can put on make-up right away after the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

There is no side effect as such but its contraindicated in patients such as
• Pregnant or potentially pregnant women or lactating women,
• Poor skin elasticity, or excess wrinkles (More than 70 years old),
• Systemic or local skin disease or an abscess in the treatment area,
• Swelling, infection, or inflammation in the area,
• Implants and debris of all kinds in the treatment area,
• The use of anticoagulant or other drugs interfering with coagulation and plateletaggregation,