Molluscum Treatment

What is MolluscumContagiosum?

Molluscumcontagiosum is a common skin infection caused by a Molluscumcontagiosum virus.

How is molluscumcontagiosum spread?

. During any type of skin to skin contact such as sexual activity, contact sports, or other activity that involves touching the bumps of an infected person.
. Through contact with a towel, washing cloths together or something else that has the virus on it.
. To other parts of an infected person’s body by scratching the bumps. It’s important not to itch or scratch at the lesions to both prevent further spread and prevent secondary bacterial infection.

When do the bumps appear?

The symptoms of molluscumcontagiosum can appear within 2-6 weeks after coming in contact with the virus.

How is molluscumcontagiosum treated?

If you have bumps on your genital area and you’re sexually active, you should be treated to help prevent spreading the virus to your sexual partner. In Derma Touch Skin Laser Hair Clinic we treat it with Radiofrequency