PRP Treatment

What is PRP? how does it work?

What is PRP? how does it work?
PRP is an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets are rich in growth factors and enzymes thus stimulating the tissue that it is injected into.
We use FDA approved best test tubes for the same.

What are uses of PRP?

PRP is best treatment for Hair regrowth in Hairfall and baldness cases.
It is also a Skin rejuvenation treatment for face.
Dr. Ashwini Salunke at Derma Touch believes in giving you the best. She adds her own combinations if required to the treatment with PRP to give your skin the healthiest even toned glow and give your hair the nourishment and boost to grow better.

What is the procedure like?

Your blood is drawn, fed into a sealed test tube which contains separation gel and actives, tube is centrifuged. The separated PRP is then injected into the layers of your skin on your face, body or scalp.

How many sessions of PRP are required?

On an average 6 to 8 sessions of treatment are required to see desired results.
Interval between the 2 sessions should be 15 days.

How long does the result lasts?

Depending on the number of sittings and frequency of treatment which will be decided by Dr Ashwini at consultation (and maybe altered as the treatment progresses), results may last up to a year.

What to expect out of this treatment?

• Hair fall reduction
• Healthier individual strands of hair
• Increase in thickness and density of hair
• Regrowth of hair on the scalp when combined with appropriate medicine
• Skin hydration
• Soft and nourished skin
• Reduction in fine lines
• Improved collagen
• Restoration of youthful skin
• Reduction of under eye fine lines and darkness

What Can go wrong?

You may experience slight bruising temporarily and some redness or uneven skin. It should take a couple of hours to settle down. The bruise will take a week to fully fade away.

What are the post treatment care and instruction that I need to know after PRP for hair or skin on the face, neck or any other body parts?

PRP involves tiny injections all over which create multiple small injuries to the scalp and skin so:
• Do not take a shower or undertake any activity that might cause you to perspire for at least 8 hours after the treatment.
• Do not sunbathe for at least 2 days after the face treatment.
• Do not undergo any other hair treatment or skin treatment for a week after a meso or PRP hair treatment.
• Avoid washing your hair or applying any type of hair product for at least 12 hours after the treatment. Do not apply any skin care products without checking with Dr. Ashwini.