Q Switched Nd Yag laser

What is Q Switched Nd Yag Laser and how does it work?

It targets and removes any intense colour like black or deep brown in pigment on the skin , hair or colors in a tattoo. Depending on the wave length it penetrates to different depth of the skin.
We use FDA approved QS Laser

How is Tattoo removal done?

It is very simple procedure, anesthesia cream is applied on area to be treated prior to procedure, then the the laser light is delivered on area to be treated in a painless manner.

How many laser sessions are required for complete clearance of tattoo?

Roughly 6 to 8 sessions are required with monthly interval.

How is carbon peel done?

A very fine layer of powdered finest variety of activated charcoal is applied on your skin which even settles in your open pores. Then this carbon is targeted with laser light and evaporated to leave behind lighter and brighter skin.

Uses Of Qs Nd:Yag Laser:

• Permanent tattoo removal
• Most pigmentary skin lesions like Freckles, seborrheic keratosis, Tanning, etc
• Birthmark removal: Naevus of Ota, Café Au Lait macule, Portwine stain, etc
• Carbon laser peel, laser bleach, tan removal treatments, skin lightening treatments, etc

What can I except from laser facial?

• The skin looks bright instantly.
Laser facial , laser toning , laser bleaching and many names are been given to the treatment with this laser … depending on the energies and number of passes you can expect a lighter and brighter skin with a good stimulation to your collagen . It is best suited for pigmented skin, skin with uneven skin tone , patchy complexion , fine but dark hair on your face and body . also works well over many sitting for collgen stimulation and tightening of open pores, post acne pigmented scars Dark circles improve to a large extent in combination with pees and home care.
What is the post treatment care?
• Make sure you avoid the sun for at least the next 2 days.
• Make up is a good thing, it actually protects the skin, so you may use it. But apply it using only your fingertips, do not use any sponge or brush.
• Be liberal with your moisturisers and sunscreen.